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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Do Anything Stupid
You may wonder where we get our inspiration, often times it is right in front of our eyes...Like last evening when I came home to discover that my husband and daughter conducted a science experiment in our kitchen. We now have a piece of modern art wedged into the ceiling. Some may think it is an applesauce container, we will be calling this art, until my husband repairs the large gaping hole... After viewing this new piece of art work, I immediately grabbed my camera to record this precious moment in time, it will definitely be a highlight for my daughter and husband... After viewing the images, we decided to share them with you all and ask that you please, don't do anything stupid over the holiday season, however, if you do, please remember to contact Badman Construction, Inc, they can repair, remodel and fix all of your home improvement mishaps, even if they did start out as a science experiement...
3:17 pm est

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